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2021 Thanks giving Event collab_edited.jpg

Cora's Helping Hands In Partnership with Holistic Hub Strikes again with
the 2nd Annual Pre Thanksgiving Feeding The Community Event!

With Sponsors like the YMEN Foundation for the space and volunteers, we were able to serve over 100 people with a hot meal, prayer, games, and raffles to brighten smiles all day long. 

This event had such a major impact on the community and Cora's Helping Hands as we continue our mission to meet the needs; 1 Community, 1 Day, 1 Family at a time. 

Gobble Gobble… Although this event is over our efforts to continue supporting Illinois families and communities this holiday season is far from over, hit that yellow donate button to aid us in our mission and receive a hand, on the Cora's Wall of Hands for our special 2021 donors just like Kourtneys Kindness and God's Reasons Katering!

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