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Why the name Cora's Helping Hands?

The story behind the name of the organization, changing lives and helping families. Where did it all come from.

Welcome to the first blog post and your #1 stop for all the latest news; Cora's News!

Shanta Hogan Walker &

Mother Cora Terry

I decided to name my first organization after my mom “Cora” because she is a very loving a caring person, always helping others, with whatever she may have, she taught my siblings and I at a very early age that to always great people with love and to be generous and kind.

Those early stages of moral code and character shaped who I am today. The teaching and wisdom my mom instilled in me provided the foundation for who I am at the core. I care about people and helping those in need. The family is the core of anything significant, in my opinion, and I have to protect that and let people know that it is okay when you fall on hard times. I know I've been there! It's not the details of the challenges my family and I have faced that I remember most, it's the people who showed up for me who cared and loved on my family and me when we needed it most. I cherish and remember the hands that reached out to help. Cora's Helping Hands exist to help one family, one community, one day at a time.

You can be the change you want to see

Showing compassion for others is the first step to creating change in our community's and even within our own families. If your unsure how to help someone in need contact Cora's Helping Hands, we can be that foundation you need to help others.

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